The Bodacious Team is hoping to compete on EXPEDITION IMPOSSIBLE in 2012.
John Reichwein (left), John Null (center), and Scott Stafford (right)

John Reichwein
John Null
Scott Stafford
Brief description of why TEAM BODACIOUS is great for this EXPEDITION IMPOSSIBLE and why we will win:
Semper Fidelis! This group of friends in their sixties with a brotherhood that dates back to their days in the United States Marine Corps continues to exemplify their beliefs in God, country and each other. With a strong spirit for adventure, love of the outdoors and three varied yet lifelong approaches to health, physical fitness and various forms of competition, all which push physical limits in order to maintain mental and physical toughness, this team will make for good television! It is said that there is no such thing as an ex-Marine. Servicemen and women nationwide will identify with their military service (two of the three served in Viet Nam) and support this team of aging adventurers, while Baby Boomers will tune into ABC’s Expedition Impossible to cheer-on this group in their 60’s.

We will prove that age is not a barrier to success in this competition and that as representatives we are very motivated to win. If you are interested in having us on the show, please read the attached resumes. Anything else that makes your team memorable and unique.

We all have a lifelong dedication to physical and mental fitness. John Null is fearless, Scott Stafford is a cancer survivor and our strongest member of the team, while John Reichwein is the most determined. Together we make the perfect team.

If selected we will make ourselves available for the month of April or any other time deemed necessary for filming and travel. We welcome the opportunity to participate in this reality expedition and respectfully request consideration of our team.


A Few Good Men

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