The Bodacious Team, or team Bodacious was established in New Cumberland Pennsylvania in 1969. Bodacious stood for a description attributed to "Little Abner" (a comic book character) for something that is strong, huge and audacious. The bodacious team pursued weightlifting. Fifty years ago, we were enormous (or at least we thought we were). Original Bodacious Members were Scott Stafford, Mike Barber, Steve Petrosino, and Charlie Buser. The team was later expanded to include Steve Vartebedian (Vaughn), Larry Keyes, John Reichwein, Dan Phillips, and John Null (not pictured).

Team Bodacious 36th Reunion, 2005

Team Bodacious 37th Reunion, 2006

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Team Bodacious, est. 1969
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